Malaga Airport Car Hire

Car hire at Malaga airport on the Costa del Sol is extremely competitive, we are delighted to bring our visitors a comprehensive Malaga airport car hire comparison service which will allow you to get the cheapest and very best deals on your car hire at the airport.


Hiring a Car at Malaga Airport

Hiring a car from Malaga airport couldn’t be easier, it is all designed to cater for the weary traveler to find their way upon their arrival, as well as to make sure that those who are visiting the airport for the first time don’t get lost.

Where and how you collect your hire car will depend on the company you are hiring from, they will let you know in advance so don’t worry!

Car hire with offices and desks in Malaga Airport

  1. Upon arriving at Terminal 2, car hire offices are located in floor -1
  2. Upon arriving in Terminal 3, car hire offices are located on floor 0

All car hire desks are well signposted and clearly marked.

Car hire without offices at the airport with car delivered

You will be greeted by a representative at arrivals (a person will be holding a card up with your name on it), you will have to give them your flight details and arrival times in advance, some companies charge a small fee for delivery/ collection of vehicles at unsociable hours. All paperwork and payment as well as collection of the vehicle is done at the airport itself.

Car hire without offices at the airport, vehicle collection

This is very straight forward, just like above, you will be met by a company representative who will take you to their offices usually in a mini-bus with a number of other people. The vast majority of car-hire companies that operate in this manner have their office and depot within five minutes from the airport.


  1. Driving License with paper part (UK residents)
  2. A valid credit card, some companies will allow you to pay cash for the hire but you will be required to pay a deposit which is returned to you at the end of the hire providing there is no damage to the vehicle or breach of contract)
  3. The hire company will more than likely make a copy of your license and passport too.
  4. Check with your hire company, as you may be able to send them some information prior to arrival therefore reducing the time it takes to do the paperwork, normally, allow 30 to 45 minutes from arrival to collection.
  5. Additional drivers must provide the same information as the main driver
  6. Some car hire companies have a minimum age requirement which can range between 18 – 21 as well as minimum number of driving experience, from one year upwards.

Tips when hiring a car (before you set off!)

  1. Check what is covered, normally sump and glass isn’t and you may wish to take out additional insurance
  2. Check thoroughly the exterior of the vehicle and make sure any defects are clearly marked
  3. Check the interior and make sure they are aware of any marks or damage to the upholstery
  4. Check tyres, spare tyre and equipment (jack, wheel changing equipment and triangles)
  5. Make sure there are at least two luminous jackets INSIDE the car, these are legal requirements
  6. Check that that the vehicle is covered by adequate breakdown recovery
  7. Finally, before setting off, place the copy of your agreement in the glove box, you will need to produce this document should you be pulled over by the police.

Car Hire Companies at Malaga Airport

There are nine car hire companies working out of Malaga. Most have offices within the terminal buildings, or very near. The onsite hire car companies have collection points on floors 0 and -1 of car park P2 and return points on floors -1 and -2 of car park P2.

Auriga Crown car hire Malaga Auriga Car Hire

Tel: + 34 952 048 490

Opening hours: 24 hours/day all weeek and holidays

More information about Auriga Crown at Malaga Airport

Autoslido car hire Malaga Autos Lido Car Hire

Tel: + 34 952 048 522

Opening hours: 7am til midnight

More information about Autos Lido at Malaga Airport

Avis car hire Malaga Avis Car Hire

Tel: + 34 902 180 854

Opening hours: 7 days a week from 7am – 12am

More information about Avis at Malaga Airport

Europcar car hire Malaga airport Europcar Car Hire

Tel: + 34 902105055

More information about Europcar at Malaga Airport

Goldcar hire Malaga airport Goldcar Car Hire

Tel: + 34 902 119 726

More information about Goldcar at Malaga Airport

Hertz car hire Malaga airport Hertz Car Hire

Tel: + 34 952 233 086

More information about Hertz at Malaga Airport

National Atesa car hire Malaga airport National Atesa Car Hire

Tel: + 34 952 048 503

More information about National Atesa at Malaga Airport

Record car hire Malaga airport Record Car Hire

Tel: + 34 952 048 408

More information about Record Go at Malaga Airport

Sixt car hire Malaga airport Sixt Car Hire

Tel: + 34 952 247 604

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