Getting Around The UK

Oscar Wilde once quipped that Britain has “everything in common with America these days, except of course, language”. Naturally, Oscar’s characteristic British wit was at play here as the superficial yet important differences that make Britain different are often hidden in broad daylight. Money, government, cooking, etiquette or sports, Britain has always had her way of doing things. Oh, and let us not forget that the British drive on the left (ironically the ‘right’) side of the road!

That is one to bear in mind for travellers arriving to the UK. Although a well-connected country with excellent public transport from the world’s first rail links to an extensive aviation network, the real differences are felt driving from A-B.

Despite its large, well-catered trunk roads, the majority of Britain’s roadways follow windy, ancient boundaries and this is an important point to remember because the inevitable backlogs do add time to car journeys. For example, from tip to tail the length of Wales (minus the Isle of Anglesey) is just 204 kilometres, which you may think would be a mere two hour trip. Yet when you find yourself still driving after 4 hours you will get a greater appreciation of those ancient peripheries. And that is assuming you didn’t encounter any traffic jams made entirely of sheep!

The same runs true across much of Britain’s countryside and herein lies a source of her appeal. Despite being a relatively crowded little island, each destination has a culture and heritage that is distinctly unique.

The London tourist trail is a great draw for visitors and with good reason but it has to be said, for those medieval castles, ancient stone circles, historic stories and rich heritage spots, one must travel outside of the capital.

Getting lost is an occasional hazard but it is also what makes for a memorable trip as this is when you find the real gems, such as its myriad of national parks, museums and historic gardens. Historic hotels spring up frequently and are guaranteed to offer their guests an experiential stay far more memorable than the usual sterile hotel chain.

While hiring a car with the intention of getting lost may appeal to some there is mercifully an option to those who prefer to plan ahead! For anybody who wants to feel like they are getting the most from their holiday than just hitting the tourist trail the easiest thing is to simply do a tour of the UK. When your history stretches as far back as Britain’s does, the clichés come thick and fast but for just the same reason, it also allows for a rich variety of travel guides who can really help you get the most from your trip.

In Britain you will not be short of transport options. Trains are quick but expensive, as is flying. So a car is a great cost-saving option for groups of travellers and in Britain there is a car for every purse and purpose. Which is just as well because Britain offers a lot to those who are willing to go in search of it. For more inspiration on perfect UK destinations take a look at