Disabled Facilities at Malpensa Airport

Malpensa airport is fully compliant with EU regulations and laws concerning assistance and set up to cater for passengers with disabilities. Passengers with any form of disability who will require assistance within the airport as well as through security and to board an aircraft are requested to contact their airline, travel agent or airport with their requirements with a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Malpensa airport offer the following services for passengers with reduced mobility and/ or other disabilities:

Sala Amica: This is a special are dedicated for passengers with disabilities and/ or reduced mobility, this area offer peace and quiet and is free of charge, there are disabled toilets, qualified staff on hand, flight information monitors as well as information leaflets including the Service Charter, the Milan Official Guide and the Passenger’s charter which is also available in Braille.

Sala Amica has a number of locations:

Malpensa terminal 1 – departure Level near entrance N11

Malpensa terminal 1 – inside both boarding areas, Satellite A & B

Malpensa terminal 2 – inside boarding area

There are numerous areas where passengers requiring assistance can contact Sala Amica such as directly from the check in desks or from any of the intercoms which are located outside each door on the departures floor on the P1 car park on floor +2 or at door number 8 on the arrivals floor.

The terminal is fitted with yellow path finders as well as braille on the elevator keys as well as on public phones.

All car parks have spaces reserved specially for disabled, these parking spaces are located as close to the terminal as possible, parking is free upon showing your disabled badge and a legal form of ID as well as proof of travel at the till prior to leaving the airport. For more information about priority parking www.viamilanoparking.eu