Parking At Malpensa Airport

Malpensa airport offers a range of parking options depending on the length of your stay; P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6 are actually in the airport itself therefore passengers do not need to use any form of additional transport to reach the terminal. Throughout the entire parking facilities at Malpensa airport there are more than 9,000 parking spaces; parking in most cases can be booked in advanced and paid for in advanced.


P1. Long stay car park – 7 Days minimum

P1 has a little over 1,100 parking spaces; passengers can reserve their parking space and pay on line in advance here


P2 Executive Parking

Executive parking facility with 3,300 covered parking spaces and a lift straight to the terminal as well as space for 130 spaces with maximum security for luxury vehicles. P2 is designed for travellers needing to access the terminal as quickly as possible. Parking in P2 can be reserved and paid for in advance here


P3 Short Stay Parking

P3 express parking is an open air parking area next to Milano Malpensa T1; there are 1,300 parking spaces available for drop off and pick-ups from the airport.


P4 Holiday Parking

P4 is an open air parking facility with 1,200 parking spaces, it is the preferred choice by most major Italian tour operators, it is connected via a covered walkway to the terminal and it is the cheapest option in long stay parking.  Passengers may book their parking space in advance on line here



This parking facility is located inside Malpensa 2, it is one of the lowest priced parking facilities within the terminal and passengers flying with low cost carriers are entitled to a 10% discount. For those flying from Malpensa 1, this parking option is also available; there is a shuttle which runs every 7 minutes to Malpensa 1, the journey takes approximately 3 minutes. Passengers can go on line and reserve and pay for their parking in advance here



This parking area is located some 350 metres from Malpensa 2, there is a shuttle service which runs every 7 minutes to Malpensa 2 for Easy Jet check in or to Malpensa 1 for all other airlines. Parking spaces can be reserved in advance by going on line here and making your reservation and paying ahead of your stay



Photo credit:  Julian♦H