Healthcare at Malpensa Airport

Malpensa has a National Health Service clinic on site to treat passengers as well as the public in general, the purpose of the clinic is to have medically trained staff and support to deal with any emergencies that may arise as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Staff at the medical centre can also advice on vaccinations required for various destinations, it is always advisable to have checked this with prior anticipation, however, this service is available at Malpensa airport as a back-up, following assessment and if so required, they are in a position to administer vaccinations.

Passengers must book in advance if to see a Dr at the Malpensa clinic to ensure that the required vaccine is in stock.

Medical staff at the clinic are qualified and authorised to issue medical certificates as well as valid health certificates to obtain or renew driving licenses as well as sailing licenses.

All passengers or members of the general public wishing to make a consultation/ see a Doctor at the clinic must make a booking by telephone in advance.