Car Sharing at Malpensa Airport

E-vai car sharing scheme is provided by Trenord and SMES, it is a service which is available 24 hours a day seven days a week from terminal one at Malpensa airport. Vai vehicles are based close to the Malpensa express ticket office.  There are four parking spaces and four top up stations, the cost is 5 Euros and no additional mileage cost for electrical vehicles; and 2.40 Euros per hour plus 0.48 Euros per kilometre for low impact endothermic vehicles.


Staffed Office Opening Hours (Service is available 24/7)

Monday – Friday

08:00 to 19:00 hrs

Saturday – Sunday

10:00 to 18:00 hrs


Using the Car Sharing Service

In order to use the car sharing service, you must first register by completing an online form here. There are two levels of subscription available, it depends on how much and how often you intend to use this service as to which one is best suited to an individual.

Gold Service

Gold service is geared towards those who will use this service on a regular basis, it offers preferential rates per rental based on a fixed subscription fee.

Silver Service

There are no recurring subscription fees, each rental costs approximately 5 Euros more than Gold service, it is geared towards occasional users.


Booking and Using a Vehicle

Once a customer has opened their account, vehicles must be booked either on line here (website is all in Italian) or by phone on 800 500 005. Bookings must be done at least 20 minutes before the collection time stated. You will receive an SMS with the vehicle number plate as well as unlocking code, once you have received this code, simply forward it to (+39) 320 204 1536 followed by the word APRI  (open), when you have finished with the vehicle and are ready to drop it off at the designated car park, it is the same process but the word at the end of the SMS is CHIUDI (close). During the time the vehicle is in use, to open and close the doors you simply use the vehicle’s keys.

Once you have finished with the vehicle it must be returned to the location specified at the time of making the booking, at present there are a number of parking locations available:

Milano Cadorna Station – Via Metastasio, 5 (near the entrance to Malpensa Express)
Varese Nord Station, Piazza Trento, 1
Como Lago Station, Largo G. Leopardi, 3
Milano Malpensa airport: – entrance to Malpensa Express
Milano Linate airport