Disabled Facilities

In accordance with EU Law, as from July of 2008, all airports must be able to cater for passengers with physical disabilities. Malaga airport is fully compliant with this law, passengers with disabilities are well catered for and looked after, this service is free of charge.

There are some of the most common airline and airport categories:

WCHC – Passengers requiring full assistance who must be accompanied to their seats and need personal care. If the trip is in excess of three hours they must be accompanied.

WCHR – Passengers who need assistance to and from the plane but can manage to make their own way to the plane and around the terminal.

WCHS – Passengers needing assistance in getting about the terminal as well as for embarking and disembarking but can get about in the plane.

DEAF – Passengers with reduced hearing or hearing impediment

BLIND – Visually impaired passengers.


1)      You must request the service required 48 hours prior to travelling either via your travel agent, airline or by calling (+34) 902 404 704 or (+34) 913 211 000 as well as via www.aena.es You will need to let them know your flight details, arrival time and service you require.

2)      For departures, you must be at the allocated meeting point at least two hours before your flight is due to take off or at a pre-arranged time. Meeting points are well signposted in Malaga airport, when you arrive at the meeting point if the person isn’t there, there is an intercom and someone will come to you.

3)      Depending on the level of assistance you require, your assistant will accompany you through check-in, security and right up to your seat, this also includes any other services you may require to use at the airport.

4)      When you arrive at Malaga Airport, you will be assisted to disembark, collect your luggage and take you to whichever meeting point you need to go to within the airport.

5)      You will be asked for some feedback, if you have any additional comments to make or were dissatisfied with the service you can e-mail sinbarreras@aena.es (“Sin barreras” means without barriers).

There is a full plan of Malaga airport on the official AENA website