Alhaurin de la Torre

Alhaurin de La Torre is a large town situated on the outskirts of Malaga city and within close proximity to Malaga airport. It is a town which has grown in popularity in particular with the Spanish as it is within easy commuting distance from Malaga. The town itself is slightly inland but only a few minutes’ drive from the beach and all the activities on the Costa del Sol.

Within close proximity to Alhaurin de la Torre you will find Plaza Mayor which is a commercial area and very unique in the sense that the shops are built around courtyards, the main part of Plaza Mayor at certain times of the year is used for different activities such as ice skating and a number of other pursuits. Within Plaza Mayor you will find numerous shops selling a vast array of items from sportswear to mobile phones as well as a gym, a multi-screen cinema (there are films in English too), an arcade games centre as well as a wide variety of restaurants and fast food outlets.

In recent years, IKEA opened its first branch on the Costa del Sol; it is situated between Plaza Mayor and Alhaurin de la Torre.

The town itself has undergone mayor transformation in recent years with a lot of money being spent on its infrastructure such as road access, drainage and many other aspects of infrastructure). In addition to this, they have also planted palm trees along the entrance as well as made interesting features out of the roundabouts.

Alhaurin de la Torre has a good variety and range of amenities such as supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, schools, public transport, restaurants and much more. The town in itself can be split into the old town and the new areas; they are both a contrast of each other as the old town has narrow streets with traditionally built and ornate buildings whilst the new areas have larger detached terraced houses aimed more towards a foreign market.

One of the many attractions for foreigners and locals alike is that even though it is a stone’s throw away from the coast, Alhaurin de la Torre has a distinctive countryside feel to it, within a few minutes from Alhaurin you are in the midst of nature away from it all.

Lauro Golf club is just a few minutes inland from Alhaurin de La Torre; it is a 27-hole course par 72 with a well-established club house and pro-shop amidst surrounding mountains.

Alhaurin de La Torre is some 15 minutes away from Malaga airport by car, alternatively, there is a bus service which takes a little longer; the nearest train stop to Alhaurin de la Torre is in Plaza Mayor.