Alhaurin el Grande

Alhaurin el Grande is a town with a considerably large population, particularly popular with foreigners from northern Europe, according to 2010 figures; the population was in the region of 23,000 inhabitants and once ranked as the 13th most populous town in Malaga province.

Alhaurin el Grande sits at approximately 325 metres above sea level, bordered by the Serranias de Mijas (Mijas Mountains) to one side and the Guadalhorce valley to the other; it occupies a surface of just over 73km2. Alhaurin el Grande was originally named Alhaur which means the people of the valley, this in time changed to Alhaurin.

One of the most famous expatriate residents of Alhaurin el Grande was the British writer Gerald Brenan who wrote “The Spanish Labyrinth” about the Spanish civil war as well as “South from Granada, Seven years in an Andalusian Village”. Gerald Brenan lived in Alhaurin el Grande until his death in 1987, he was 93.

The town has seen an incredible transformation in recent years with countless improvements being made to its infrastructure, ranging from new facilities such as the new library and sports hall to the new access road out of Alhaurin heading towards Fuengirola, the final stretch of road was opened as opened in 2011 with just some minor finishing touches needed. In opening this new road to Fuengirola, travelling time from Alhaurin el Grande to the coast has been drastically reduced.

Within the town you will find a vast array of shopping facilities and amenities such as banks, shops, supermarkets, medical facilities, municipal swimming pool and many others. Away from the main street which cuts across the town, you will find more traditional and old fashioned shops such as bakers, greengrocers and so on. Throughout Alhaurin el Grande you will notice that buildings are a fusion of traditional older style and new, all coexisting in harmony.

The castle or fortress or castle look-a-like building which is perched at the top of the hill at the entrance to Alhaurin el Grande when approaching the town from the Fuengirola direction is in fact a water tower, this is a prominent and distinctive landmark.

There are three golf courses close to Alhaurin el Grande, Alhaurin golf, Mijas Golf and Lauro golf. There are plenty of other golf courses within easy access, however, these three are on the town’s doorstep.

Alhaurin Golf is an 18 hole par 72 course designed by Severiano Ballesteros in addition to this there is a 9 hole practise course as well as a golf academy for all ages and skills.