Benalmadena Tourist Information

Benalmadena is located a few kilometres from Malaga airport on the Costa del Sol, it can be accessed easily via the autovia or the coastal road linking it to Torremolinos, in fact, it can be hard to distinguish where Torremolions finishes and Benalmadena starts, ok, there is a signpost which gives it away!

Benalmadena can be split into three sections, Benalmdena Costa, Benalmadena Pueblo and Arroyo de La Miel. Benalmadena Costa as the names suggests is the coastal region of the municipality, there are numerous attractions for the tourists who are there to enjoy the lovely sandy beaches and beach bars, in effect, it is the hub of activity for tourists. Of course, this includes the multi-award winning and world renowned Marina with its numerous restaurants and shops. It is possible to organise and part take in numerous activities from the Marina such as parasailing, taking a trip on glass bottom boat to Fuengirola, fishing expeditions as well as dolphin spotting expeditions.

The marina is famous for its Moorish style architecture and once extremely pricey apartments, those on the island just off the marina are in the midst of it all, yet slightly set apart in a secure gated complex, however, those staying or owning property in the marina itself have tended to find it a little noisy as things in the summer don’t quieten down until the wee small hours of the morning, many tourists in search of fun in the midst of it all have lived to regret it, however, equally as many have had a jolly good time too, just give it a thought to prior to making any reservations!

Benalmadena Pueblo is set high up overlooking the coast with a commanding view over the Mediterranean sea. Life in the Pueblo is a little quieter than all the hustle and bustle of the living on the coast, you will find a relatively big difference in the way of life and the whole feel of the place. It has been an ideal location for those wanting to live within striking distance from the sea but to experience a little bit of traditional life in Spain. Arroyo de la Miel (Stream of Honey) is sandwiched between the Pueblo and the Costa, it offers a more typical and traditional way of life than the coast does yet within easy access to it all. One of the many reasons that Arroyo de la Miel has become a popular location is due to being on the train line from Fuengirola to Malaga; making it an ideal spot for commuting either for work purposes or to visit other locations. In addition to this, you will find the open air market twice a week.

On a final note, if you are visiting Benalmadena, be sure to visit Paloma park (pigeon park) yes, there are a few pigeons, however, you will find a whole load of other animals running loose such as peacocks, chickens and rabbits.