Restaurants at Malaga Airport

In recent times due to the major expansion in Malaga airport, the number of restaurants and fast-food outlets has increased considerably. Ranging from fast food outlets to Irish pub style bar (Guiness approved) you will be hard-pushed not to find somewhere to eat.

There is a good selection of food outlets in Malaga airport serving food throughout the day and late into the night. Many eating establishments have opened in T3 as this terminal is the one with the highest footfall but some still maintain their presence in T2 too. Nonetheless, even though Malaga airport has grown extensively, everything remains within easy reach from T2 to T3.

Vips (07:30 to 24:00 hrs) Situated on the ground floor in T3’s departure and in the general public area, Vips offers a selection of sandwiches and salads as well as the potatoes Vips for which they are renowned for.

Burger King (08:00 to 22:00 hrs) 1st floor departures area airside- World famous fast food chain renowned for their grilled burgers as well as selection of other fast food.

Dehesa Santa Maria (06:00 to 22:00 hrs) T3 airside departures area on the 1st floor

Offering a wide selection of typical and traditional Spanish tapas such as Serrano ham and queso manchego as well as a a range of Spanish wines and traditional deserts.

La Moraga Airport (11:00 to 23:00 hrs) T3 in the public area

La Moraga Airport offer wide range of traditional and typical Andaluz food

O’Learys (10:00 to 23:30) Located on the 1st floor of T3 departures airside

O’Learys offer a good selection of starters, meat dishes, grills, salads as well as sandwiches

Pizza Hut (11:00 to 21:00 hrs) Situated in T3’s first floor airside departures area

Pizza specialists with some 12,000 restaurants worldwide

Sea Food (10:30 to 21:30) Located in T3’s 1st floor airside departures area

Sea Food as the name suggests are specialists in Sea Food such as caviar, smoked salmon and numerous other local specialities

Whopper Bar (09:00 to 22:00) T3 1st floor, departure zone airside

This is a new concept by the world famous Burger King, it offers the option of personalising your menu using the same quality and principles Burger King are renowned for.