Shopping at Malaga Airport

At Malaga airport you will find a wide range of shops, since the opening of the new terminal these have increased in number considerably.

The main types of shops in Malaga airport are as follows:

1)      Food and Snacks

2)      Duty Free

3)      Fashion and fashion accessories

4)      Electronics and Multimedia

5)      Pharmacies

6)      Press

7)      Gifts

Food and Snacks

There are a number of coffee shops/ bars for eating they range from snack food, fast food to more nutritious food types. In addition to this, there are a number of outlets specialising in sweets, chocolates such as Choco&Lates as well as The Sweet Market and Sibarium which is a Delicatessen shop.

Duty free Shopping

There are a number of duty free shops in Malaga airport.

The Express Shop: Next to departuresT2 on the First Floor and T3 first floor departures, both are air side.

The Arrivals Shop – Located at Arrivals, airside T3

The Shop – T3 first floor departures airside

Fashion and Fashion accessories shops in Malaga airport:

There is a wide selection of shops to choose from, these range from casual to more formal clothing.

Most of the fashion shops such as Adidas, Adolfo Dominguez, Cottet Sol, Desire, Ferrari, La Costa, Travel Mate and Your Fashion Store are located airside on T3 Malaga airport.

Electronics and Multimedia

Crystal Media Shop provides a wide range of electronic goods, multimedia goods as well as music and photography equipment.


There is a pharmacy located in T3 on the general public side, they have a good range of products which you may require for or during your trip, be careful that you don’t purchase any times which may be taken off you when you go through security such as scissors, nail clippers and sharp items.


There are bookshops on T3 first floor airside such as Libreria Luces and Mix Point, you will be able to purchase newspapers, magazines or book in a variety of languages.

Gift Shops

There are numerous shops in Malaga airport where you can purchase a variety of gifts, mementoes and souvenirs. Shops such as The Museum Shop, Superskunk and Toro Andaluz are all located airside on the first floor at departures in T3 except for the Museum shop which is located in the public area of departures in T3.

Terminal Three is the main hub of activity in Malaga airport which is why you will find the majority of shops, restaurants and cafés in T3.