Disabled Facilities

Barcelona airport’s design and infrastructure complies with all regulations and requirements for those who may have a disability or impairment.


Access to and from the terminals

  • There are designated parking bays for the disabled at the closest point to entry of the terminals
  • Access to parking on different floors via elevators on T1, T2 A and T2 C. Access from parking area and T1 is via a walkway and a lift, access from T2 and the parking areas is via a treadmill.
  • Markers on the road clearly showing the start of pedestrian areas
  • Access from T2 to the train station via a lift and a walkway, access to the train from T1 is via a shuttle-bus service.
  • Access to the various airport areas via specially adapted revolving or sliding doors
  • Access to the various levels by lifts
  • The new lifts are fitted with text or Brail commands
  • Toilets for disabled
  • Information counters for those in wheel chairs
  • Specially adapted phone booths


Information for people with limited mobility:

  • Information centres with literature available about the facilities for people with limited mobility
  • Information regarding the rights of passengers with limited or reduced mobility, this information is also available in Brail.
  • Easily identifiable people (wearing green jackets) who can communicate using sign language.