Shops at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona International Airport has a very wide range of shops and restaurants available airside as well as for the general public; they fall into the following categories:

Food & Snacks
Duty Free
Fashion & Fashion Accessories
Multi-purpose Stores
Leisure & Hobbies
Newspapers & Magazines
Gifts for the Home

Food and Snacks

There are a number of coffee shops/ bars as well as fast food Restaurants throughout the terminals; there is a wide choice of different types of foods which range from snack food, fast food to more nutritious food types. In addition to this, there are a number of outlets specialising in sweets & chocolates. There are eating facilities located airside as well as in the general public side too.

Duty free Shopping Barcelona Airport

There are a number of Duty Free Shops in Barcelona Airport which are located airside only and accessible past security and on departure areas only.

Fashion and Fashion accessories shops in Barcelona Airport:

There are numerous fashion and accessories shops in Barcelona Airport located throughout the terminals; however T1 has the wider selection of shops. Fashion and accessories shops in Barcelona Airport are located airside as well as in areas open to the general public, they range from well-known high street names to the not so well known labels, there is a wide selection to choose from.


There is a national lottery shop which is state run where you can purchase your Spanish lottery ticket; this is located in the public area on the first floor in T1.


There is a pharmacy in T1 on the third floor and a pharmacy in T2 B on the ground floor; both pharmacies are located in public areas.

Newspapers & Magazines

There are numerous shops to purchase newspapers in a variety of languages as well as magazines, most of them a relocated airside on T1, there is a newspaper shop located in the public area of T2 on the ground floor.

Multipurpose Shops

The multipurpose shops have a wide range of products; there are multipurpose shops airside as well as in public areas in T1 & T2 as well as in arrivals in T2 B.

Leisure & Hobbies

There are official Barcelona Football Club Stores as well as shops in which to purchase electronic equipment such as cameras and mp3 players, Leisure and Hobby shops are located airside as well as in public areas.


There is a cosmetics store which is located on the second floor of T1 in the departures area and is only available airside.

Gifts for the Home

There are a number of shops specialising in gifts and gifts for the home, these are located airside in T1 on the first floor.


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