Wi-Fi Barcelona Airport

As with the vast majority of modern International Airports, Barcelona El Prat international airport has WiFi facilities to use in conjunction with your mobile phone, PDA or lap top. This service is available throughout the terminals in addition to being available in the VIP Lounges too. It is a chargeable service which can be paid for by purchasing a voucher or by pre-paying online with a credit card.

Prices are per 45 minutes, hour or per day, there are options to enable WiFi access for longer periods of time too.

WiFi in Barcelona Airport is provided by Kubi Wireless, there are numerous internet points throughout T2, if you don’t have a device to connect to the internet there is a very limited number of Pc’s available.

There are a total of 26 connection points or hotspots throughout T2 which pretty much covers the entire building, most of the networks are located close to the VIP lounges and coffee shops, information about their exact locations can be found out from the information counters at the airport’s customer services point.

Purchasing WiFi Connection

WiFi can be paid for by using a credit card on line or by purchasing a prepaid card from one of the shops at Barcelona Airport.

Paying by Credit Card

Log into the network and fill in the form which is a step by step form, there are two forms of using up the credit; one is as a voucher or as a time reducer. The time reducer credit works as a ticking clock which can be stopped and used at a later time or date within up to 6 months from purchase. The voucher system cannot be stopped and has to be used up in one go.

Paying by Voucher

Vouchers are available in a number of different stores such as Divers who are located in departures in terminal 2B, vouchers come in different values, however, some shops only offer vouchers for 30 minutes or 24 hours whilst others offer a much wider range.

Prices (liable to changes)

  • Up to 45 minutes 7.50 Euros
  • One Hour: 9.00 Euros
  • 24 hours: 15 Euros
  • It is also possible to purchase WiFi for longer periods of time such as for 72 hours (40.00 Euros) or for 30 days (70 Euros).
  • Connecting to WiFi Using a Lap Top
  • Open the internet using your preferred browser
  • Select the local network
  • Create user name and password, if paying with a voucher, you can find this on the voucher, if paying by card you will be prompted to enter your information as well as card details.
  • Once logged in you can use the internet for the period of time paid for